For nearly 30 years, siblings, designers and co-owners, Perry Turner and Tanna Turner-Barthelemy have been designing silk clothing and stunning artisan jewelry. What started as a hobby and a passion for designing has transpired into a successful business, Crystal Dreams of New Orleans. A business that provides skillfully crafted clothing and jewelry, like Swarovski crystal bracelets.

At Crystal Dreams of New Orleans, we delight in creating custom designs that reflect your vision through beauty, excellence and superior workmanship.

Perry Turner:

“Fate and purpose directed me to the sewing machine nearly 30 years ago. That which began as a hobby has developed into a keen ability to design and create fashions for “anyone” who is sent my way. This “hobby-adventure” began in my early college years, after years watching my mother and older sister exhibit their talents for family attire.

This hobby eventually spawned into the design and production of my first wedding gown. A creative gift for my younger sister in Louisiana, the gown embodied her beauty and character as well as the meaning of her union. My first wedding gown serves as a catalyst of inspiration to me even today. Its beauty and embodied meaning shows what can be done when passion and thought go into a project.

Through inspiration for each project, I know that I can design attire for individuals that will not just look good on them, but will compel those in their presence to view them in their entire splendor.

The cooperative design style that I have adapted and shared with clients is the stimulation for their garments generated through our consultation sessions. It is such a joy to see their eyes light up as they see the pencil drawings of our combined ideas in garment form. The excitement that springs forth continues through to the completion of each project.

To enhance the custom-designed clothing offerings of Crystal Dreams of New Orleans, we have incorporated custom-designed jewelry crafted from quality material that provides a unique style for a complete look. We eagerly create a full fashion experience for those who are looking for an exclusive offering. We have found it to be very exciting to accessorize the inspired garments created for both men and women.

While today all of our designs are custom, our vision is expanding into a planned product line

Tanna Turner-Barthelemy:

“Since my youthful formative years, creativity has always brought me joy and personal satisfaction. Designing clothes, creating needle work projects and crocheting were many of the crafts styles that were introduced to me at an early age. Being the fifth child of six, many of the kinks and nuances of the craft styles had been resolved, so I was able to just step in and utilize the creative magic with which I had been blessed.

While in college, I can remember wanting to join various organizations and having a talent was an attribute sought out by the groups and that interested me. I looked forward to sharing the crafting skills I had acquired as well as the creativity.

The love of creating and designing has followed me throughout my adult life as well. I have designed curtains for my home, my kid’s clothes and special occasion outfits for myself. Having the ability to create and produce the things I like has taken a lot of stress out of finding a properly designed outfit. Even today, going to the fabric store for me is like sending a kid into a candy store with money to spend.

The above history has brought us to today, where now creating quality jewelry started as only a hobby has blossomed into a thriving collaboration. It was very exciting creating pieces of jewelry to complement the perfect outfit. Then one day as I shared my experiences in jewelry making with my brother Perry, the clothing designer, the vision began to unfold and Crystal Dreams of New Orleans was born. He created the garments and I created the complementing jewelry.

What a wonderful way to share talents that you have been given, than to use them in tandem with family. Although my brother Perry lives in Michigan and I live in New Orleans, we make our complimentary fashion designs and jewelry shine in the eyes of our clients through creativity and inspiration. The desire to create beautiful and imaginative designs that reflect the inner and outer appearance of each client and their taste is our goal. We use cooperative design techniques that take each client’s thoughts into consideration as we develop the final product.”
"I am a big fan of Crystal Dreams of New Orleans fashion designs! Designer Perry Turner has proven to be both insightful and creative in designing the perfect personal creation."

- Pam Bennett
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