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"The things I like most about Crystal Dreams are the reliable jewelry designers, the quality of stones, and the personal craftsmanship they put into their jewelry."

- Vera Manuel

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Artisan JewelryArtisan JewelryArtisan Jewelry
Artisan Jewelry
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If you're searching for high quality artisan jewelry, Swarovski crystal bracelets, and silk clothes, you've come to the right place. Welcome to Crystal Dreams of New Orleans.

It’s the place where we took our first breath. We were immediately surrounded by the significance of American History and the sheer beauty of the area. The convergence of multiple cultures in one location to build a unique atmosphere that can be found in no other place. Yes, New Orleans is that city which offers a plethora of history, culture, style and for us, the long ribbons that tie us to our family and friends.

Our imaginative designs of jewelry and fashion are as varied as the flavors of New Orleans. Utilizing our unique cultural experiences and various impressions of beauty, we allow each customer to have deeper view into our city and our hearts. Creating a new design is like developing a new recipe featuring one of our favorite ingredients: in jewelry - it’s crystal, in gowns - it’s silk.

With locations in both Louisiana and Michigan, the Spirit of New Orleans permeates our designs like the force of the mighty Mississippi River through its delta. Come on, sample our unique offerings and enjoy the sweet savor of our Southern hospitality.

As with the sweet sound of Jazz that can be heard from clubs and halls around the area, you can feel our enjoyment in each created piece that is derived by creating for you, our customers and friends. Look at our collections and you’ll find presentations of designs that we’ve created. Like with a jam session of musicians to spur new chord combination, we are also open to your design ideas and concepts. This way we are able to offer a product that is created specifically for you, as it meets all of your design requirements and represents your style and presentations…..whether it is a large or small event or a celebratory occasions, consider us, Crystal Dreams of New Orleans!!!.

Artisan Jewelry from Crystal Dreams of New Orleans